Following their highly successful ‘Weekend Woodcut for All’ course in February, artists Jane Stobart RE and Mustafa Sidki are returning to Ochre once again to share their extensive knowledge of printing with wood blocks. This weekend course will offer an introduction or act as a refresher into wood preparation, cutting the block and printing to a high standard. A variety of papers will be sampled and inking methods explored. They will discuss cutting tools along with methods of keeping them sharp.

The intensive weekend will introduce a variety of possibilities for creating a body of high quality prints and discover the unique affects that opaque and transparent inks and methods of inking can create from a single image. Reduction woodcut techniques will be explained along with various methods of registration.

Arriving at the course with some preparatory work would be an advantage, but a theme will be available if you prefer it. Printing without a press will be demonstrated in addition to using Ochre’s Hunter Penrose proofing press.

Suitable for those wishing to begin or advance their relief printmaking skills and concepts, using the many possibilities attainable via woodcut.

Dates: Weekend 14/15 July
Times: 10am to 4pm
Cost: £140 / Members £130

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