What do you do with all your old prints? You MAKE A BOOK

Using your old prints Angela will show you how to make a unique and interesting book utilising your discarded, unsold or ‘not gone to plan’ prints. Each page of your book and cover can be from a different print, or just make the cover and/ or use envelopes to house your small prints within the book . This method makes a lovely journal, notebook, record, storage or gift. Different grains and grades of paper can be accommodated including different sizes of paper and single page prints.

Angela will teach you the ‘long stitched’ method of bookbinding in an evening. She will supply all the tools and thread, you just need to supply the content. Her latest books recycle old envelopes and scrap paper for the pages and cereal cardboard packaging for the covers.She will have plenty of examples to give you ideas and inspiration.

Date: Tuesday 27 June
Time: 6pm to 9pm
Cost: £30 / Members £25

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