This very enjoyable class will guide you through an introduction to drawing and painting as taught at the Angel Academy, Florence.

To gain a good grasp of drawing and keep improving, the first 4 weeks are devoted to making a measured and carefully rendered graphite (pencil) drawing.  In the second 4 weeks you will paint a Grisaille (monochrome) painting in oils.  Using still life objects you will learn how to make them look as though you could pluck them off the page.

As an added encouragement you will see the students in their second and third terms painting with a beautifully harmonious, colour palette. 

Working with simple still life objects you will be creating accurate paintings and drawings from life.

April 19 –  June 14

Thursdays 2 – 5pm

(with a 1 week break in 17 May)

Winn Hall, Dunsfold  Cost for term £130  

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