The application process is well and truly open.
We already have loads of applications back and we've started to give out dates so please get in touch if you are wanting to come to Guildford Fringe Festival 2018.
The festival runs from 29th June - 29th July 2018.
If you would like an application form then please click the button below.

Email here for an application form

Quick Look Information

Entry fee is £70.00 (per performance slot) and includes venue, tech assistance, front of house staff, brochure entry, website entry and, of course, our share of the marketing and PR (you are expected to do this from your end too).
The ticket sales are split (in the acts favour of course) between the act and Guildford Fringe Festival. Splits depend on which venue you play at so we will discuss this further once you have applied.
We have 12 venues and we program and assign dates and times to each act so you do not need to talk to venues directly at the early stages.
We work on a first come first served basis and have started programming. So, get your application in as soon as possible so we can talk dates.

Visit the website for further details: 

Full Application Info Here
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