We’re urgently looking for the rest of our Much Ado cast, 9-13 Oct at Nomad Theatre, KT24 6RT.
Visit www.nomadtheatre.com/casting-much-ado for details or contact us on Facebook.

And please share with your contacts!

The Nomads… amateur but not amateurish.

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Casting still open for:

  • Claudio –  Male – Playing age 20 – A young soldier who has recently returned from war.  Claudio falls in love with Hero upon his return to Messina. He is easily manipulated., wears his heart on his sleeve, and too quick to believe rumors, and reacts emotionally without enough thought.
  • Margaret – Female – Playing age 20 – Hero’s serving woman, who unwittingly helps Borachio and Don John deceive Claudio into thinking that Hero is unfaithful.  Margaret is lower class, full of life and a bit sassy.   She unwittingly becomes involved in Don Johns plot.
  • Ursula –  Female – Playing age 20’s – One of Hero’s waiting women.
  • Borachio –  Male – Playing age 25 – An associate of Don John. Borachio is the lover of Margaret, Hero’s serving woman. He conspires with Don John to trick Claudio and Don Pedro into thinking that Hero is unfaithful to Claudio. His name means “drunkard” in Italian
  • Verges – Male – Any age – The deputy to Dogberry.  Equally bumbling.
  • Antonio –  Male – Playing age 60’s – Leonato’s elderly brother and Hero’s uncle. He is Beatrice’s father.

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